Inspire Sports creates a platform for organizations and teams to build transformational leaders by sharing their passion with individuals with special needs.


Lucas Jadin - Co-Founder, Director


"Leading Inspire is truly a privelege. watching mentors and participants meet for the first time is priceless. Mentors learn and grow from their partnered athlete while athletes learn and grow from their mentor. We are very blessed to have incredible support to fulfill our mission to serve, love, and inspire.”

Lucas is passionate about transforming hearts and minds through love and mentorship. in the past five years, lucas has shared this passion with thousands of educational, business, and athletic leaders. He currently is a middle school educator in the Appleton Area School District. Lucas has been the owner and director of Synergy Basketball Camps since 2011. He has trained hundreds of athletes each year from all age and ability levels.


Katie Jadin - Co-Founder, Director


“Inspire Sports has given me the opportunity to give back. The relationships that we have the privilege to build are remarkable. We work with so many people, from parents and coaches to volunteers and athletes, that are truly heroes in their communities.”

Katie earned a Bachelor’s degree with majors in physical education, health education, and a minor in Spanish. She currently is a physical education teacher within the Appleton Area School District. Katie has boundless enthusiasm, a poised demeanor, and an eye for organization.

Erik Van Eperen - Director

“This is the type of organization that has been missed in our society. I am very excited to help bring the benefit of athletics to athletes too accustomed to watching from the sidelines.“

Erik earned a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Pre-Med from the University of Notre Dame and is currently pursuing his MD. He has taught, studied, and coached throughout the world. Erik is a people’s person and puts developing relationships as a top priority.

Annette Jadin - Lead facilitator

"my heart lights up getting the chance to help at inspire events. it's amazing how a very simple experience can transform lives." 

Annette is a physical education teacher in the appleton area school district. her enthusiasm and love are contagious. annette leads inspire events across wisconsin.

Nick Brice - Regional Coordinator, South Central Wisconsin


"Inspire Sports gives participants as well as mentors a drive to stay active while building new and lasting friendships. I am fortunate to be a part of this organization and look forward to sharing these experiences with new communities."

Nick is studying to be a phsician's assistant at penn st. university. Nick enjoys spending time playing basketball, being outdoors, and traveling.

Laura Neubert - Regional Coordinator

“The best aspect of Inspire Sports is the connections that are made between mentors and mentees. Inspire looks at the bigger picture of pushing student leaders (mentors) to become influencers and role models in communities.”

Laura is completing her masters degree in occupational therapy. she enjoys spending time with family and has a passion for collaborating with new people daily. 

Michael Brice - Coordinator, Legal Consultant

“Inspire is an organization that creates fun and exciting learning environments for by promoting active lifestyles through mentorship. High school mentors are able to share their passion for athletics and see their lasting impact that reaches far beyond the playing field or classroom."


Michael earned his law degree from the university of wisconsin madison. he enjoys the outdoors, running, and spending time with friends and family.

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